Changes on Gift Hunter Club: points and minimum prize

As we advanced some time ago, on Gift Hunter Club we are in a process of change. The first thing was to change the image of the web to make it cleaner and easier to navigate. Now, we have introduced another couple of variations.

On the one hand, we have changed the scoring system. At this time, just the name has been affected: from POINTS we have passed to CENTS. This means that 1 old point is equal to 1 new cent. Sometimes, some users have asked us how much was the value of each point. With the new nomenclature it is much simpler because each cent is equivalent to one cent of American dollar (USD).

On the other hand, we have removed from our store the prizes of 2 dollars and 2 euros. Why have we done it? Because at this time, most users who access the web already enter with 100 points (now, 100 cents) and it is very easy to reach 250 (which was equivalent to 2 dollars, the lowest prize). This has caused that there has been an increase in the number of fake accounts and fake referrals, with the aim of make quick redemptions of 2 dollars, therefore, this measure is taken partly as a precautionary method. Having said that, we encourage you to wait until you have 1000 cents to exchange them for 10 dollars, due to it is the most advantageous option.

Thank you very much for your understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience and trouble that the changes may cause.