Change in the daily bonus

On Gift Hunter Club, the web to make money online and get free gift cards, we are making changes progressively. First, we changed the design; then, we changed the name of our virtual currency (from points to cents) and now, we change the daily bonus.

The daily bonus of Gift Hunter Club was an extra that we gave to those that exceeded 200 cents in the same calendar day. Those who did it, received 20 extra cents.

From now on, the daily bonus will be governed by new rules. This bonus is granted to users who perform the following actions:
– Complete 2 offers/surveys of 8 points or more.
– Complete 5 tasks.
– Answer the daily question in the Dichotomic mobile app.

The users who receive this will earn an additional 10% of the cents that they make on that same calendar day (referral commissions, weekly bonus or other bonuses do not count).

We think that, with this change, a greater number of users will be able to achieve the daily bonus, since they will be able to get it without needing to generate 200 cents, something that was moderately complicated. In addition, those users who are able to earn many cents in a day will not receive only 20 extra cents, but will earn 10% of everything they earn in the day, so their bonus will be higher than usual.

Finally, maybe some users are wondering what is ‘Dichotomic’.Dichotomic is a mobile app for Android and iOS in which a question is posed each day. This question can only be answered with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. Just with your answer, you enter in a draw of 5 Amazon vouchers of 5 euros/dollars. As simple as that. Dichotomic has been created by Innovative Hall, the same company that has created Gift Hunter Club and for that reason we establish this relationship between both sites. For more information about Dichotomic, visit its website:

In the coming weeks, we will be adding new changes to Gift Hunter Club. We will keep you informed.