Telephone number validation

Today we bring another novelty to Gift Hunter Club: from now on, it will be necessary to validate your mobile phone number in order to receive a prize.

It is a small step that is not difficult to carry out, although we understand that it is a small annoyance. Why do we ask you this? There is a significant number of users who create several accounts and who commit fraud, something that has caused us some problems with suppliers at some time. With this measure, we simply want to minimize this fraud and those hypothetical problems that could arise from it.

We answer a couple of questions, in case you still have doubts.
– What do we want your phone for? We do not want it at all. It is simply to avoid possible fraud by multi account. We do not want it for anything else and we do not need it either.
– Will messages or promotions be sent to the mobile phone? No, never, ever. As we say, we only want the mobile phone as a security measure and we will never use it for advertising, commercial or other purposes.

We appreciate your understanding. We want to make Gift Hunter Club a more reliable, safe and, ultimately, better site.