Important change on Dichotomic

We have news to announce on Dichotomic, the mobile app to get Amazon gift cards founded by the Gift Hunter Club creators, and, unfortunately, they are not positive news. From July 15th, we are forced to reduce the amount of money of the gift vouchers that we give every day, from 5 euros/dollars to 3 euros/dollars.

We explain the measure. Unfortunately, the Dichotomic app is not profitable at this point because our daily revenue based on the ads that we have in the app never exceed the daily costs of sending the gift vouchers and some marketing costs and this makes us lose money every day. Lowering the daily prizes is the quickest measure to try to balance those losses and seek the zero-profit in the short-term.

What will happen in the future? For now, from July 15th to the end of 2018, we will reduce the price of the gift vouchers we send from 5 to 3 euros/dollars. Once we enter in 2019, we will analyze the situation and we will see if the app no longer has losses. If we still do not find profitability, it is likely that we will be forced to close; If, on the other hand, we manage to increase the user base and enter more money, we will increase again the amount of money from the gift vouchers.

We are very sorry to have to announce this measure and we are confident that you can understand our position.

For the sake of greater transparency, we show you below our income and expenses data so you can see the money that costs us to keep the app active every month.