Dichotomic closes definitively

Bad news: Dichotomic definitively closes. At the beginning of last July we announced that Dichotomic was not an economically profitable application and, therefore, if we could not straighten the course of it, we would have to close it at the end of this year. Then, we announced that, in order to try to be a little more profitable, we were to decrease the five daily prizes of 5 euros/dollars to 3 euros/dollars. However, despite having taken this measure, we have not managed to reduce our level of losses.

After evaluating our numbers along the trajectory of the app and also in the last two months in which we reduced the amount of the prizes, we have seen clearly that there is no trend that can show that the app will be profitable in the coming months and, therefore, we believe that the best and most logical decision is to bring forward the closure of Dichotomic, since, as we showed in July, the app losses more than $650 per month. Next Saturday, September 22nd, the last question of the application will take place and it will be the last time you could be the winner of an Amazon gift card with us.

What will happen with my data? Do not worry. You do not have to do anything. Once a month has passed since we ask the last question, we will erase the entire Dichotomic database and, in this way, all your personal data will be deleted.

Despite the bad news, we remind you that, if you are fans of Amazon and want to keep winning gift cards for free, you can still do it thanks to Gift Hunter Club. Enter on gifthunterclub.com, earn points with our offers and exchange them for Amazon vouchers or money through PayPal.

Thank you all for having tried Dichotomic.