More surveys and more offer walls = more cents

Good news for our gift hunters. From this moment, you will have more options to increase your cents on Gift Hunter Club, since we have increased our range of options to increase your balance of cents.

On the one hand, we have increased the number of offer walls, both in the desktop version and in the mobile app. In the computer version we have added the offer walls of AdworkMedia, Eligne, AyeT-Studios, kiwiWall, OfferDaddy and RevenueWall, while in our Android app we have added TheoremReach, Pollfish, RevenueUniverse, Eligne, HangMyAds, AdGateMedia and AyeT-Studios.

On the other hand and to meet the demands of survey lovers, we have increased our amount of market studies available.

But these are not our only novelties because we are going to add a new method to redeem the money! Yes, in addition to PayPal, now you can receive money through AirTM and withdraw it, if you want, with your credit card. It is something that many users had asked to us and here it is for you.

We hope that now you can get more cents and, with it, more prizes and more money.

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